About Me


My name is Destiny Williams and I am 17 years old (11-01-97). I have created this website to share my experience and teachings of realizing the true self. I am forever learning and growing  so I will do my best to keep things up to date:)


I want to help others align themselves with life. I want to care for others and the planet. I would like to do any act of giving and sharing for the highest good of all. I will write a book, open my own community and travel the world showing others how to realize themselves in a new light called love.



I have a tremendous love for myself and others including the planet, animals, and all people. I have taken various classes of science, spirituality, and attunement with life. I assist my parents and others with sharing information about helping people align themselves with life. I have great practice of taking care of myself and others.

I feel the most important education is learning about who you truly are. I want to share my experience of how I learned and hopefully you get something out of it:)