The oath to always love and care for myself

The oath to always love and care for myself


I, Destiny Williams, here and now commit myself to solemnly swear by this oath, today and everyday throughout my life.


I will love and care for my body, my mind, and my soul, for my worth is deserving.


I will honourably and ethically do what is for the highest good of all concerned. I promise to act on decisions that come from my greatest awareness to follow my highest beliefs and knowledge.


I take responsibility of supporting myself so that I may consciously thrive during all times, including high and low.


I will base my actions on love not fear, and will, to the best of my ability, express myself openly and honestly without fear or insecurity.


I understand that criticizing myself does not uplift my being in any way. I promise to always treat myself with my upmost respect of love and care.


I will acknowledge my mistakes so that I may learn from them. I will continue to seek new knowledge and experiences, never resting on the thought that I may have nothing else to learn.


I swear to never give up on caring about myself and to keep holding love for who I am. I promise to always be there for myself, especially through times I need me the most.


Above all, I will aspire to hold on this oath and practice raising my love and care throughout this day and my entire life before me. I will praise myself for what I accomplish and learn from my mistakes.


I value the benefits of managing myself in order to maintain my integrity to this oath.

I promise to uphold my dedication and my trust to this oath; I promise this to myself, my family, and the spirit of all eternity.


I accept this oath freely and honestly, with guided support from Light from the highest good of all concerned.


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