Raw Vegan Tiramisu!!😱😍😋😄❤️

Base Crust layers: blended dates and mulberries, cacao powder, vanilla extract, cinnamon, maca and a few nuts and flax seeds.

Cream filling: soaked cashews, coconut meat, frozen bananas, vanilla extract, and dates with cacao powder and cinnamon dusted on top….

Raw vegan cream Popsicles


Raw vegan cream Popsicles😃😋😍 Sooo good!! And also low in fat!

The Popsicle is made from: frozen bananas and dates, with vanilla / strawberries / and cacao powder.

The chocolate glaze is: coconut oil, stevia, and cacao powder, stirred with chopped nuts😊.

I just poured it over the Popsicles so I didn’t absolutely cover the whole thing with the chocolate glaze.. Making it lower in fat…Frozen bananas make a great ice cream alternative but only when you eat them straight from the blender.. If you freeze the blended frozen bananas it turns icy.. So I blended it with dates because it makes it more thick and Fudgy😄

Raw Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs


OH MY!!! Soooo gooood!!!!😋😋😋😊😍😃😱. Raw Vegan Chocolate Easter Eggs!

The inside is a Carmel dough made from : dates, flax seeds, banana, soaked nuts, and peanut butter. The next layer is: dates, flax seeds, mixed nuts, cacao powder, and banana.

The outer shell is: cacao butter, coconut oil, cacao powder, vanilla, and stevia.

I put a few nuts inside as well! Omg it’s sooo good please go try my recipe!😄😱😋😃😍

Raw Burger


Raw Burgers😋😄😃!! Soo good!!I love this recipe because the buns are bright and toasty and I think adding the little bit of baking soda gives it a nice crisp. The patties are high in protein from the nuts and peas and by adding whatever else you like you have a complete Rawesome Burger!!😃😉😃

Recipe for the buns: Zucchini, Apple, coconut flour, ground flax seeds, herbs, dash of baking soda.

Pattie: Zucchini, soaked peas and legumes, dates, carrots, mushrooms, ground flax seeds, soaked mixed nuts.

Reveal yourself

Make yourself known and be shared as a gift to yourself this new year.

For 10 days straight let’s witness how we feel when we share who we really are. The inner beauty behind the judgments. This is a gift of the true feeling of unconditionally loving yourself. We have these bodies and these lives for a reason so we may as well make the best of it! These moments we share with ourselves make us who we are.

This whole 10 day experience is about getting yourself out there to be seen. Not for others to see you but to witness yourself being seen and how it makes you feel. Being insecure isn’t sustainable, because it could indeed lead you to feeling hopeless and numb to your feelings, because you may not be using it in the right way to change yourself if you feel hopeless and stuck. But this 10 day experience should put your feet on the right path.

If you feel vulnerable, or Insecure during these next few days, I want you to know that it’s ok if it does, in fact that’s the whole point. This isn’t about hiding your insecurities, or being in denial about them, it’s about expressing them and being ok with them. Saying to yourself: ” I’m insecure about myself, and that’s ok with me.” It’s actually more than ok, being insecure can be a good thing! It can be motivational… if you put it to the right actions of course. Let’s say you’re insecure about how you look… You might be motivated to work out, eat clean, and change your lifestyle. Think about it… if you weren’t insecure, who would motivate you to be “better”. For the next 10 Days as we follow these fun activities I also think it would be a good idea to write how you feel every day to track your growth :)













     When has doing something you don’t want to do ever lasted? When it comes to this beautiful thing we call life then we soon realize that the whole purpose of living is to follow our hearts and to follow our passions… what else has as much power to keep us happy? And when our hearts are content it is then that we have a good attitude and enough energy to flow with divine light and everything just falls into place. And when it comes to moving your body  just move YOUR body the way YOU want to. Make up your own routine, maybe switch it up now and then, just do what you want and have fun with what your momma gave ya!!  I’m going to show you my routine and what I love to do and I’m also going to show you the benefits of moving your body because it is important but you first have to love what you do so get out there and find what brings the biggest smile to those cheeks!!